"Scales of Justice" statue representing the Roman goddess of justice personifying moral force. (Photo via wikimedia commons)

Note:  We’re shifting our focus from simply recording events, to ACTION!   Please join us in saving our country.

This page will be ‘repealed and replaced’ to include what we can do now to stop the insanity in the White House.

Your participation is critically needed and welcomed!

David Heller, Publisher

Welcome to our community.   I hope that you’ll get actively involved, meet some very interesting people, make new friends, and be empowered to change the world or one person for the better. it’s all the same.

You Can Make a Difference

One of the site’s immediate and ongoing action is to chronologically record the facts of this new Presidency.  Once you register you’ll be able to record  the history of the administration in real time and point out, comment on, experience all points of view, and debate how this administration’s actions are or might change this country and the world and what you can do about it.

Here’s How

The site’s ‘Report and Record’ forum is a forum of forums and contains starter topics  in its structure to get the ball rolling.   We’re loading starter information into each forum now and invite you to keep it roll’n on and active.

You can create as many related topics in each forum as you’d like.

— BTW, We’re actively looking for Moderators … Uncle Sam needs you!  If you’d like to give being a moderator a try just contact us and we’ll get you up and running.–

When you’d like to add another forum just send us note and we’ll get right on it!

You might begin a topic by grabbing and posting information from today’s news feeds, or from any other reputable source out there, whatever their view point is.  Then spout off about it and get the conversation started.  Or, you can jump into the more general forums and fly solo. Sup to you.

If you’re doing your own reporting, or have a story that’s related to one of the sections, go for it!  Or just hop over to one of the general forums and go wild!

You’ll Be Recording History!

With each entry, comment and discussion you’ll be building an historical timeline.  Each forum’s timeline goes on forever, allowing the world to follow the development of each Administrative initiative.  Is it on track to make it to its intended destination, or have the wheels flown off?   Has it changed course, or been abandoned?  What are the consequences of all this?   History is being made every day, and with your help and participation you can become a part of it!

All sides of every issue and encouraged and welcome

All sides of every issue are expressed on this site, and we openly welcome everyone’s participation.  As time move’s on  either our fears or hopes will be assuaged, or we will see our worst fears  begin to materialize. If they do, we’ll at least know how we got there and be able to take positive action.

When you have a point of view to present, we’ll give you blogger privileges so you can broadcast your opinion to the world.  We will be publishing opposing viewpoints, and it’s bound to get hot and heavy.  If you’d like to have blogger privileges just send us a request and you’ll be off and running.

Be a Reporter

Want to be a real-time reporter?  When you have real-life related experiences that you’d like to tell the world about you’ll get instant blogger access to broadcast it from.  Just let us know.

Site Enhancements are On the Way

Site enhancements coming soon are audio interviews that explore both sides of each issue;  a calendar of events that you can participate in, both in person and online; action alert notices to alert you to volatile situations in real-time with Twitter on board so you can spread the word; and, to keep you posted while you’re one the run – a daily User Pick Newsletter where you choose only the news you want to receive; an integrated Social Network, plus guest appearances by celebrity activists on both sides of every issue.  Stay tuned.

Get Involved

Jump in and add value to your life and to the community.

Participate in the community by registering, and if you’d like to get even more involved we can definitely use your help …