Is Trump a Traitor?



I made more than 20 predictions the night I learned that Trump won the election, and unfortunately they’re all coming true … faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Based on empirical evidence, President Trump is out to discredit and destroy the underlying structure of our democracy, notably the judiciary, the free press, and the many government agencies designed to protect and serve the American people.

What got me riled up today were Trump’s comments about the press in yesterday’s news conference.  When he gloated and proudly boasted that he was responsible for people not believing the press I totally lost it and had to write this short blog.

Who is this Guy?

The BIG questions are:  Why is Trump doing this?  Why is our President trying to pull down and destroy our country?  Who is this guy?

Could it possibly be his ties to Russia, and his buddy Putin or is it just that he has a fat egotistical head?

Alarmingly, I also heard today on MSNBC that transcripts and other evidentiary documentation relating to the General Flynn debacle may be disappeared, and the list goes on ad nauseam.

More Russian’s Have Registered on This Site Than Americans

I built this site to give American citizens a voice, but so far I haven’t gotten any takers.  To be honest, only a handful of people have registered to the site,  —- one is my daughter and three others are from Russia!

I’m at your service, this site isn’t mine, it’s yours,  and I will build out any infrastructure you’d like – just let me know what you need.  Are there any Americans out there who would like to get involved in preserving our democracy?  If so, please show up and speak out— at least to counter balance the Russians who’ve signed up.

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2 thoughts on “Is Trump a Traitor?”

  1. Short answer: Yes. I think it’s a strong possibility Trump is “compromised” by Russia in some fashion.

    Long answer: I am leaning towards traitor and it’s because of certain red flags I have seen over the last few months. The fact that so many people involved in his presidential campaign and in his administration have some kind of business or political ties to the Russian Federation is quite striking for one.

    Flynn (who has recently been ousted, Gee I wonder why?) had lied about his December conversation with the Russian ambassador, concealing the fact that they had discussed the sanctions President Barack Obama had just put on Russia as punishment for its alleged involvement in the 2016 elections that won the presidency for Trump.

  2. Furthermore, Trump’s actions to attempt to silence or delegitimize news organizations that don’t go along with his lies or call him out on his BS is fascism 101 really. The fact that he seems to go out of his way to not criticize Russia in general and Putin in particular is also quite telling. I could go on and on and maybe I will write something on here about it.

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