Kavanaugh Confirmation – Trump is Now Above the Law

Women’s Rights Issues Amplified To Appease Right Wing Voting Blocks and As Diversionary Tactic

October 6, 2018 – Now that Kavanaugh has been affirmed to the Supreme Court President Trump now controls the Judiciary, and the Senate .. essentially putting himself above the law, regardless of which party takes control of the House.  The House of Representatives becomes immaterial since the Senate is almost a sure thing for Republicans, and they won’t ratify anything they don’t like that’s sent up from the House.

And, when the public starts protesting they’ll hear –   “What are you complaining about .. you have the right to take this all the way up to the Supreme Court. … We believe in fairness.”

All the noise on the street is about women’s rights when the most damaging effect coming from Kavanaugh’s confirmation is Trump’s impending rise to President for Ever.

What’s coming next?

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