President Trump – Guilty as Charged


If President Trump and his merry band of deconstructionists didn’t have any contact with the Russians during the campaign then why aren’t they outraged at the accusations being flung at them. Not only should they be incensed they would go out of their way to be completely transparent, open and cooperative to show without question that they never colluded with the Russians.  But, alas, they aren’t opening up but using every trick in the bag to dodge and weave.

But what can you expect.  Trump  won’t even share his Tax Returns because, I guess, they’re still under audit?, won’t divest himself from his business, and demonstrably lies about everything while his evil Bannon brain tells him to destroy America.

Unless the Trump team comes clean, stops dodging and opens up, I’ve got to assume that they are guilty as charged.

What do you thinK?


2 thoughts on “President Trump – Guilty as Charged”

  1. I agree completely. But, I’d put it more personal terms. If I were being accused of something I didn’t do, and knew that I was completely innocent, I’d be really angry and would tell my accusers to dig as deep as they wanted. I’d cooperate fully and present any and all info they wanted to see to prove my innocence. I would not try to shut down the investigation, I’d encourage it!

    Trump and his allies are trying shut this investigation down, which proves, to me at least, that President Trump is hiding his collusion with the Russians.

  2. Now Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General, was caught lying two times during his confirmation hearing. When Senator Al Franken asked Sessions “(sic) If you learned that someone working in the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians, what would you do? – Sessions answered by saying that “I don’t know of any one associated with the Trump campaign who spoke to the Russians, and I never spoke to them.”

    It was revealed yesterday that Sessions spoke with the Russian Ambassador 2 times during the campaign.

    What’s interesting here is that he was never asked if he spoke with the Russians and immediately went on the defensive by outright lying.

    Do we have a pack of liars and pro Russians in our country’s Administration?

    There’s a saying, that Shit flows down hill. And the shit’s now hitting the fan.

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