Tin Man Trump – If he only had a heart

Zohra Bensemra / Reuters


While relaxing, playing golf, and sweet talking the Chinese delegation, President Trump played at war games by pushing a button that hurled 59 ineffective cruise missiles at a small Syrian air force base to boost his standing in the polls and, just because he could.

The airbase was up and running the next day because none of the runways were targeted, and I’m speculating that there weren’t any casualties, neither Syrian or Russian, because they were colluding and given a heads up.

This ‘humanitarian’ nano action did nothing to resolve, or even lead to helping the Syrian people.

If Trump had a heart he would present an action plan that would begin to end the Syrian horror, but that didn’t happen, and won’t.  Quite frankly, he is heartless.

Some logical next steps for a compassionate President might be:

  1. Create international consensus to team up and resolve the situation.
  2. No fly zones to stop future bombing. (Get Russia out of the mix.)
  3. Financial and food aid to countries like Turkey (>300,000 refugees) and Jordan (>700,000 refugees)  so they can care for the refugees.
    1. Also work with our European allies, like Germany who already have admitted more than 100,000 refugees.
  4. The President should open his heart and our doors to Syrian refugees and increase it from less than 2,000 today (We should be ashamed)  to hundreds of thousands.  The majority of the American people are up for this …. it’s who we are, at least I think it is.
  5. Put a ‘bounty’ on Assad’s head and targeting him and his military complex.
  6. Work behind the scenes to arrange and support a transition to a compassionate representative government.
  7. Bomb Syrian citizens with food, medical supplies, and arms.

There a many more actions we can take to stabilize and help this situation, so if you’ve got some ideas and comments, please let our growing community know how we can do something constructive about this horrible situation by commenting below this blog … NOW!

Trump talks the talk, but has no moral compass, it’s all about me, me, me. Don’t let him make us ashamed of being US.


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