Trump’s Purposeful Chaos – Stirring the Pot


Trump’s Tactic to Create Maximum Chaos

Trump’s purposely ignorant remarks, his inflammatory attacks on our freedoms,  his controversial Tweets, and his complete disregard for the truth are all tactics designed to create maximum chaos and confusion.  And we, the press, and the world’s political leaders keep falling for it, again,  and again, and again.   His inflammatory remarks put rational people on defense, coercing us to respond with logical responses in the press and to take to the streets in protest, creating even more chaos that serves to amplify his message, and create even more confusion.   It’s a spiral of chaos that grows bigger with every cycle.

Let’s face it, he is effectively manipulating us, and the sooner we face up to what he is doing the better.

Chaos is the mother of anarchy, and anarchy is the father of despotism.

So, what can be done to stop this downward spiral before it gets completely out of control, and we, and the world lose our freedoms and our democracy?

I for one am not sure, although I do have a couple of thoughts that may lead to an effective set of counter actions.

  1.  Yes, it is important that our still free press points out his lies, and focuses on telling the people what he is doing, but I feel that it is even more important to stop being a conduit that amplifies his corrosive messaging.
  2. Be tough, and stop beating around the bush — stop presenting  ‘fair and balanced’ discussion.   Confront his actions strongly, head on.   (Stop pussy footing around!)
  3. Send just 1 pool reporter to his press conferences and events to lower the volume of his remarks, and stop broadcasting and amplifying  his inflammatory Tweets!
  4. This loose cannon of a President needs tough love.  He should be treated as an egotistical, and dangerous out of control adolescent and his remarks should be ignored as much as possible – not amplified.  Every time the press reacts to one of his outrageous remarks it fans his ego, and gives him permission to get even more outrageous.   This cycle has to stop!

In the words of Donald S. Trump we have to “Stop being so politically correct!”

I do not know how we can stem this negative tide, but if we don’t do something quickly Trump’s strategically created chaos will spin out of control and our free and democratic society will collapse and be replaced by despotism. Trump’s super ego needs to be fed.  Trump needs to ‘win,’ and we’ve got to do everything we can to make sure that his ego goes on a diet and he is exposed as the looser that he is and doesn’t drag all of us down with him.

We are in a war, and We Must Win It!

I do not have all the answers, in fact I don’t have very many, and would greatly appreciate being able to discuss this with you and, as a team come up with solutions and actions that we can take together to nip this in the bud  before it’s too late  … ASAP!

David Heller


1 thought on “Trump’s Purposeful Chaos – Stirring the Pot”

  1. Thank you MSNBC, or was it just a coincidence. Yesterday, February 25th, 2017, I was listening to MSNBC while driving in my car when a guest commentator expressed the exact sentiments as I wrote here on the 20th … He also paraphrased “Chaos is the mother of anarchy, and anarchy is the father of despotism.”

    No one commented on his remarks, but moved past his point. But at least there’s one kindred sole who understands the situation and broadcast it out. I don’t remember his name, but Thank You!!

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